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Battery Manufacturing Equipment - Example Models

Acid Resistance Polypropylene

Acid Resistance Polypropylene

Acid Resistance Polypropylene


Dura-Vey™ Model 2400EP Straight Conveyor
Framework: 3/4 inch thick x 11-3/4 inch deep polypropylene - welded construction.
Bed: 3/4 inch thick x between frame dimension with 1/4 inch thick UHMW replaceable bed wear plate.
Belt: Acid resistant polypropylene set 2 inches low in frame.
Floor Supports: Polypropylene, adjustable from 30 inches to 36 inches to top of belt.
Drive Sprockets: Acid resistant 6.4" pitch diameter.
Tail Sprockets: Acid resistant 6.4" pitch diameter.
Shafts: 1-1/2 inch square 316 stainless steel.
Bearings: UHMW with Lubra-Tuf™ self-aligning inserts.
Fasteners: Where required - 316 stainless steel.
Drive: End drive completely enclosed by polypropylene cover.
Transition Rollers: 1.90 inch PVC fully lagged.
Return Rollers: 1.90 inch PVC.
Motor: 1/2 H.P. - 230/460 - 3PH 60HZ - TEFC.
Belt Speed: Constant 30 FPM.
Capacity: 100 pounds per linear foot. NOT TO EXCEED belt capacity.

Acid Resistance Polypropylene Curve

Model 2410 Curve


Dura-Vey™ Model 2410 Curved Conveyor


9"-10" 11"-13" 15"-17"
Belt Width: 7-1/4" 10-1/4" 13-1/4"
Center Line Radius: 39" 39" 49"


The Ultimate Conveyor System For Acid Environments!

  • 100% Polypropylene Framework and Belting Provides Maximum Acid Resistance.
  • Welded Construction.
  • UHMW Bed Section.
  • Overhead Drive Mount Minimizes Acid Exposure.
  • Powered Transition Rollers Provide Positive Transfer.
  • Positive Case Alignment Through Turns.

Model 2410 Side View