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250 Conveyors

F.E.I., Inc’s line of powered conveyors can be an extremely versatile solution that can satisfy a wide array of applications, and are often the solution when nothing else works! 

From our slider bed, plastic modular belt, chain driven live roller or table top belt curves, inclines, and straight horizontal conveyors, we specialize in providing solutions that will meet your needs. 

Our conveyor designs require minimal maintenance, and eliminate troublesome belt tracking issues. There are hundreds of combinations of belt styles, materials, and colors designed for many applications.

Gravity Rollers

F.E.I. Conveyors manufactures gravity roller conveyors with many different material options including stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, mild steel, PVC or UHMW rollers. We offer these conveyor rollers with different styles such as curves or straight, also light duty, medium duty or skate wheel rollers.  

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Gravity Roller Conveyors
Powered Conveyors

F.E.I. Conveyors manufacturers powered conveyors including accumulation conveyors, chain driven live rollers, belt driven live rollers, plastic belt conveyors, plastic conveyors, and table top conveyors. We can design custom conveyors that are created by our in-house engineers.

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Plastic Belt Conveyors